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5-2 Final Project Milestone Four: Draft Recommendations

Review the scenario on Third Star Financial Services provided in the Final Project Document.

Provide enterprise data management recommendations for Third Star to consider. Include the following critical elements:

  • Technologies: Evaluate and recommend two appropriate technologies.

    • Identify the key benefits of using the technology.

    • Identify key challenges of using the technology.

  • Management Improvement: Using standard frameworks as a guide, recommend data and information management improvements.

  • Effects of Technology and Management Improvements: How will your technology and management recommendations combine to improve the operational success of Third Star Financial Services?

    • Determine if the implementation of a technology will change the requirements of the management strategy.

    • Describe additional strategies or technologies necessary for the proper implementation of your recommendations.

    • Explain how internal stakeholders and external customers are impacted by your proposals.

  • Ethical and Compliance Implications:

    • What ethical and compliance considerations need to be considered before implementing your recommendations?

    • Consider security standards, privacy laws, and intended use of the evaluated technologies.

The feedback obtained must be incorporated into your final project.

For additional details, please refer to the Milestone Four Rubric document and the Final Project Document.

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