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Accounting Assignment: Strategic Information Systems For Business & Enterprise

6 [Words Limit: Up to 350 words.] After finishing Bachelor of Commerce, Miss Emma completed her Master of Computer Sciences (MCS) and started her career as a network engineer in XYZ Limited, Melbourne. She worked for six months in XYZ Limited. Unfortunately, she was fired from the firm last year. Due to the competitive market conditions, she could not find any position as a network engineer. In 2018, she moved to Brisbane in search of a job. She was desperately working for the job when one of her roommates informed her about a vacant position for the post of account payable clerk in the ABC Limited. Miss Emma was successful in her interview, and she joined the ABC Limited as an account payable clerk. However, she did not disclose her technology background. Early on, Miss Emma established a reputation as a hard-working, enthusiastic, and reliable employee. She often works late and is dedicated to doing an excellent job. Her late-night presence in the company became a common occurrence that was at first appreciated by her boss, and then virtually went unnoticed. Overall, Miss Emma is considered the most hard-working employee of the company. While working late, Miss Emma used her computer skills to install a sniffer program on the intranet to capture employee IDs and passwords. This information was beneficial for Miss Emma since she could play many roles and establish herself as a vendor, receiving clerk, cash disbursement clerk, and general ledger clerk. With this authority and her legitimate role of AP clerk, Miss Emma implemented a vendor fraud scheme, which she has been perpetrating for over a year for $150,000 to ABC Limited. Required: Describe the controls that could have prevented Miss Emma from perpetrating this fraud.

Subject Name: Accounting

Level: Undergraduate

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