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Alternative Energy Assignment Replacement Of Fossil Fuels

Task: The objective of this assignment is to build students’ abilities to structure argumentsbased on evidence and structured reasoning, including identify consensus methods for identifyingcoherent group arguments. As a group, you are expected to choose any one of the following debating topics. • A sugar tax can fix obesity problems • Artificial intelligence more harm than good • Rich people and large corporations should pay more taxes • Housewives and mothers should be paid for housework • Men are better in sciences while women are better in the humanities • Monetary incentives and benefits provide the highest level of motivation in the company • A low minimum wage creates more employment • Australia should allow more refugees to enter • Global warming is not a crisis • A carbon tax can fix climate change • People should be legally required to get vaccines • Alternative energy can effectively replace fossil fuels You will then need to identify what would be a good response from both sides. That is, you need tosimulate what would be good arrangements that the affirmative and the negative teams are likely toprovide based on extensive research using a minimum of 6 peer-reviewed journal articles asreferences. You will need to organise your arguments in an argumentative essay. Then, you will needto put on a presentation/debate/show in class illustrating the entire arguments featuring both sides.Students are to be assigned into groups of two (2) or three (3) people. You will present the informationthat you developed and wrote in the essay. Do not simply cut and paste each persons’ contribution.The group needs to make sure that all the parts fit cohesively together and read as one document.

Subject Name: Biology

Level: Undergraduate

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