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Audit Quality Review Of The Firms Listed In Tunisian Stock Exchange (Tse)

Task: In this assessment, you will critically review the knowledge management approach followedwithin the business context of an industry. The assessment requires you to write a knowledge audit review based on a research article onits reported knowledge audit and management. The review should reflect upon the case studypresented in the article and should address the following issues: Clear identified objectives of the article The background of the company under investigation The knowledge audit approach followed in the study The major findings of the study A comparison to similar studies The review should be approximately 1500 words. You need to include at least three referencesin the review (including at least two academic references). You also need to make sure that thereferences are cited in the text and the review is free from any grammatical and spelling errors. You will write the review in an MS Word file with proper headings, sub-headings, and areference list. You will be assessed based on your ability to appraise the practices of a knowledge audit toidentify knowledge assets and knowledge capabilities within the business context of an industry,as well as the techniques of knowledge capture, knowledge codification and knowledge sharing.

Subject Name: Audit

Level: Undergraduate

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