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BaeutyPro’s Effective Business intercultural communication assignment

Task description: In this assessment, you will both write a report based on the following case study or tutorial. You will be assigned into a group of three by the lecturer/tutor. Each member of your group will focus upon and write on one of the issues. Do not simply cut and paste each persons’ contribution. The group needs to make sure that all of the parts fit cohesively together and read as one document. You will present the information that you developed and wrote in the report. The flex students will present using Zoom Case study: BeautyPro i1s an Australian multinational company that makes and distributes organic cosmetics both within Australia and overseas. The head office is based in Brisbane, Australia. You have recently been appointed as the country manager for China. Upon your arrival in China, you have noticed that the organisation is facing several intercultural communication challenges. Problems: The three intercultural challenges are based upon: Different cultural values and etiquette Direct versus indirect styles of communication Different cultural norms of decision making In conjunction with two other China-based Australian managers, you conduct academic research in order to understand these problems and come up with logical and practical recommendations. You and your team are tasked with writing a report to the CEO and executive group which discusses these problems and provides recommendations to solve these problems.

Subject Name: Human resource management

Level: Undergraduate

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