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Business Ethics Assignment: Minimum Wages Of Gig Workers In Australia

s persist in relation the ongoing effectiveness awards and enterprise bargaining to set effective wages that allow workers to support themselves and families to a standard that is acceptable in Australia. Instructions For Business Ethics Assignment Students must choose an issue in wage regulation in Australia for their practical assessment and obtain approval from the unit coordinator. The practical assessment requires students to analyse the key regulatory issues of their selected issue wage topic by using relevant employment legislation, cases and theories covered in this unit. Students must also assess this wage issue within principles of business ethics and corporate social responsibility examined in this unit. In your report you must: Summarise the key forms of employment regulation related to your wage topic. Examples include relevant provisions of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth), awards, enterprise agreements or forms of employment (eg labour-hire arrangements). Map the key wage legal issues of your topic as applied to workers, employers and society. Analyse your wages topic in the context of the relevant legal regulations that govern an employer or industry’s business ethics and corporate social responsibility. Evaluate the effectiveness of relevant laws in regulating your wage topic. Propose legal, business organisation and business ethics reform to improve the regulation of your wages topic.

Subject Name: Business ethics

Level: Undergraduate

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