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Business/Finance consultant and preparing a consultancy report analyzing modern day scenario

Final year project Consultancy Report of United Airlines: Students required behaving as a business/finance consultant and preparing a consultancy report analyzing a modern day scenario at an organization or for an agreed case study. This element requires you to utilize appropriate models and techniques from the whole module content, advising on corporate accountability and its impact on the global environment, ensuring that you reflect upon corporate accountability/ethics/professionalism and its relevance to you, the organization or to the global environment. Aim of this research: To identify issues to the overbooking flight and restructure the whole system of United Airlines to provide recommendations solution which is supported by theories.

With the objective to analyze the three factors such as company image, reputation and financial performance (further elaborate).

1. Introduction (500 words)

2. Main body of report (total 4000 words +-) Content must link to the above objectives (how it affects company reputation and financial performance) Business analysis (1000 words) - Past, presents, future (Internal and external) - Gaps (Issues/ problems/ restrictions faced) - Agency Theory and Stakeholder Theory - Corporate governance (Business structuring and ethics) - Human resources (Staffing issues-training, managing team, behavioral psychology) Environment analysis (1000 words) - PESTLE, SWOT, ethics - CSR (triple bottom line) - Mandelow matrix Financial analysis (1000 words) - Ratios - Agency Theory and Stakeholder Theory Competitive analysis Relevance/ impact on various stakeholders (Internal and external) 500 words

3. Conclusion (200 words)

4. Recommendations (provide opinions - 300 words) Must included citation Referencing (Harvard Referencing) - More than 30 references (within 10 years information) Bibliography (10 – 20)

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