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Business idea assignment: “Student’s Mate” application Development

Task Description: Strength of Business Idea: For each item, circle the most appropriate answer 1. Extent to which the idea: Takes advantage of an environmental trend Solves a problem Addresses an unfilled gap in the marketplace 2. Timeliness of entry to market 3. Extent to which the idea "adds value" for its buyer or end user 4. Extent to which the customer is satisfied by competing products that are already available 5 Degree to which the idea requires customers to change their basic practices or behaviors Industry-Related Issues Number of competitors Stage of in ustry life cycle Growth rate of industry Importance of industry's products and/or services to customers Industry operating margins Target Market and Customer-Related Issues Identification of target market for the proposed new venture Ability to create "barrie-ys to entry" for potential competitors Purchasing power of customers Ease of making customers aware of the new product or service Growth potential of target market Founder- (or Founders-) Related Issues Founder's or founders' experience in the industry Founder's or founders' skills as they relate to the proposed new venture's product or service Extent of the founder 's or founders' professional and social networks in the relevant industry Extent to which the proposed new venture meets the founder's or founders ' personal goals and aspirations Likelihood that a team can be put together to launch and grow the new venture Financial Issues Initial capital investment Number of revenue drivers (ways in which the company makes money) Time to break even Financial performance of similar businesses Ability to fund initial product (or service) development and/or initial start-up expenses from personal funds or via bootstrapping

Subject Name: Information Technology

Level: Undergraduate

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