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Case Study For Nutrition On Importance Of Nutrition

Task: This assessment is a case study on a nutrition problem in a specified population and includes analysis and discussion of the scale, consequence and cause of the nutrition problem and an analysis of a successful program that aims to address the nutrition problem. Chose a population that you are interested in. This could be a country or a region in a country or a specific population (e.g. pregnant mothers, school-aged children) in a country or region. The population must be large enough that there is health and nutrition data available for the specific population and that there is a program that has been evaluated and has been shown to successfully address the nutrition problem. For your population; Outline the nutrition situation and identify the major nutrition issues in the population indicating which groups are most vulnerable and why. What are the consequences of the nutrition problem. Consider health, social and economic consequences. Discuss and identify the causes of malnutrition (over or under) and state the level at which they act. Use the UNICEF Framework for Under-nutrition to map the cause of malnutrition. Consider how the various factors impacting on the nutrition situation are connected and how they are influenced by one another. Considering evidence-based interventions what are the priorities for action to address the identified nutrition problem? Identify and discuss a successful nutrition program in your population. Considering the UNICEF framework at what level does this program intervene? What are the key components that make this program successful and why? How does your program link with other programs in your population that aim to address the identified nutrition problem? What recommendations would you make to improve the program? Note: Include health and nutrition data to support your case study. Your chosen program does not have to address the whole problem but can be a component of a broader multi-sectoral approach Chose a program that has been evaluated so you can demonstrate impact of the program on the nutrition situation.

Subject Name: Health Care

Level: Undergraduate

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