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Corporate Governance Assignment: Board Evaluation Report Of Commonwealth Bank & National Australia B

Task: Corporate Governance Assignment: Board Evaluation report Select a company and one of its competitors (preferably publicly listed companies due to data availability) and retrieve relevant corporate governance information. You are required to find the corporate governance information disclosed in the company’s most recent annual report (Australian companies), proxy statement (US companies), management proxy circular (Canadian companies), company website or any other company statements. For example, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia provides governance information in its annual report: (CBA Annual Report). You can usually find these documents on the organization’s or regulator’s website. Based on the disclosed governance information and relevant governance codes and theories, evaluate how your selected board performs its conformance and performance functions, according to the following perspectives: Board structure: Discuss the overall board structure (in terms of unitary vs two-tier) of your selected company in comparison to the competitor. Evaluate the board members in terms of executive versus non-executive directors and their affiliations with other organizations. Board diversity: Critically evaluate and compare the board diversity of your selected company with that of the competitor firm, including diversity in skill and experience, gender, age and any other social or cultural aspects of directors. Board committees: Compare the board committees of your selected company with those of the competitor firm. Critically evaluate the committees—for example, the committee functions and members, and their skillsets and responsibilities. Conclusion and recommendation: Summarize your key findings and provide suggestions for improvement.

Subject Name: Finance

Level: Undergraduate

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