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Critically Analyse Two Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles On Any Of The Topics Covered Within This Cours

Task: In brief essay form (Introduction, body and conclusion) you will critically analyse two peer reviewed journal articles on any of the topics covered within this course by accessing “Ebscohost web” or “Proquest” to obtain peer review articles. The two peer reviewed article: Alagaraja, M.,(2013). HRD and HRM perspectives on organizational performance: A review of literature. Human Resource Development Review, 12(2), pp.117-143. And Marler, J.H., and Fisher, S.L., (2013). An evidence-based review of e-HRM and strategic human resource management, Human Resource Management Review, 23(1), pp.18-36.) Lawler, E. (2012). Effective Human Resource Management: A Global Analysis. Palo Alto: Stanford University Press. The critical analysis will involve the identification of the authors’: key points, arguments, assertions, and the strengths of these 3 factors based on evidence related to the research that is cited and outlined by the authors. You also need to briefly comment on the relevance of these articles as they relate to How HRM contribute to an organisation's effectiveness and ineffectiveness? and explain why in both circumstances using evidence. How is HRM failing these organisations, their staff and other stakeholders? It may be useful to use “Human Resource Management – An Introductory overview - attached” (refer to the section headed) and AHRI HRM model for ideas

Subject Name: Human resource management

Level: Postgraduate

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