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Develop a list of criteria an account manager at YRC could use to evaluate relative attractiveness

YRC Worldwide is a Fortune 500 company that provides a full range of transportation services for customers across allU.S. industry sectors. YRC’s customers, which number more than 300,000, include industrial and consumer-goodsmanufacturers, large and small, as well as retailers, including those that operate on a regional or national scale. While keyaccount teams serve large corporate customers, YRC serves the majority of its customers through a network of local salesoffices. For example, in a metropolitan area, such as Seattle, Chicago, or Boston, account managers—working out of a fullystaffed sales office and directed by a sales manager and area director—are assigned a particular section of the city andgiven responsibility for covering all of the customers within those boundaries. Depending on the concentration ofbusiness activity in an area, the number of potential customers that fall within an account manager’s assigned territorymight range from 300 to more than 1500. Of course, the transportation services each customer requires are unique—some need guaranteed, time-definite delivery service or expedited delivery, whereas others are looking for the lowestcost route. Moreover, the products involved are equally diverse, ranging from appliances or heavy machinery to apparel,component parts, or specialty chemicals.Given the large number of potential customers they cover, coupled with the unique shipping requirements that each canpresent, account managers must give special attention to the most promising prospects, reaching others only if timepermits. CASE QUESTIONS: 1. Develop a list of criteria an account manager at YRC could use to evaluate therelative attractiveness of 600 potential customers and isolate the "top-100"prospects. Assume that you have full access to any company information,including past purchasing behavior, revenue and profit data, customer satisfactionreports, and a complete demographic profile of each customer organization. 2. Describe the steps that sales leaders at YRC might follow in developing a planto dig deeper into customer data and purchasing behavior to find hidden pocketof growth (i.e., high-growth micromarkets).

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