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Digital Marketing Case Studyon Electronic Retailing

Task: Please take some time to view the following three videos (at least twice) on the future of shopping. Video 1.Alibaba’s New Retail Experience (5mins) Video 2. Retail 2020: 5 Technologies (6 mins) Video 3. Supermarket 2020: A vision of the future? (4 mins) Now consider the following questions: 1. Does the huge growth in ‘online shopping’ really mean the extinction of the traditional ‘high street’ store…or can they successfully co-exist? 2. Discuss the 5 ‘New’ technologies outlined in video 2 and explain the advantages and disadvantages of each technology. 3. In video 3 we see Symphony Retail’s vision of Supermarket 2020. Discuss what your Supermarket of the future would look like and what it should contain/not contain.

Subject Name: Information Technology

Level: Undergraduate

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