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Economic Analysis Assignment Exploring Australian Economy

Task: You are a part of the elite team working with the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia, Dr Philip Lowe. You and your team headed byte Governor are mainly responsible for steenng the Australian economy towards growth. You hear there are indications that Dr Lowe sleaning towards a further fall in the cash rate from the current 1.5%. In addition, talks are that Australia’s GDP will fall bekw 3% in 2019.Some members in your team claim Australia’s slow growth is not only because of a slow growth in the domestic housing market but also because of Chinas economic slowdown. Some others have a different view. What is your finding? Dr Lowe is currently overseas attending an Economists Conference. He would prefer for you to present your findings as a video presentation. Your report must be 3000 words long and shouki be addressed to the Governor of Reserve Bank of Australia. You are meant to use all the relevant economic concepts that you may have covered in class and that you have researched to support your answer.

Subject Name: Economics

Level: Undergraduate

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