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Efficiency of asset management and profitability

Questions are attached.

Question 2, use Excel spreadsheet or Word Tables to set out ratio calculations CLEARLY. Show the formula and calculation for each ratio. Working out process MUST be shown.

Question 2.2, COMMENT on the followings:

1) Company’s financial performance based on short term solvency,

2) Financial stability (gearing),

3) Efficiency of asset management and profitability. Your discussion should include an analysis of the company’s performance over the two- year period (800 Words).

Question 2.3, Based on the result of your analysis in question (2.2), justify why the company is in hot water and a financial restructuring is needed (200 Words).

Question 2.4, Research on the current market environment of the shipping industry and recommend strategies for the company to improve its financial situation (200 Words). No requirement of Abstract, table of content, introduction and conclusion. However, References is a MUST. MLM Harvard 2002 must be used. We have attached MLM Harvard referencing style as well. Clearly state the question number. Kindly look at the assessment criteria sheet on how lecturer will grade us. Take note that Word count is 1200 words. Rest are calculations.

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