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HR Management Assignment On Global Business

Task: As an HR leader of a company with offices in Australia and other 2 countries France and Indonesia, prepare a memo for your CEO arguing either for, or against, imposing a common HR system and processes across all the company’s locations. You’ll need to look at both the cultural and institutional aspects of the specified countries to see how they affect the implementation of common systems and, indeed, whether common systems are possible. Note: There is a requirement to focus on a HR process in this assignment. The HR process is Performance Management You should make reference to the GLOBE study and other material covered in weeks 1-4, and provides an outline of the system or systems you recommend. This is a report not an essay, but you must include in-text references and a reference list indicating where you have sourced your concepts. Please be sure that: A report or memorandum format, not an essay format, is used. Key issues have been developed. Critical analysis and synthesis has been developed, using the relevant literature. Ideas and assertions are substantiated through the use of high quality reference material and key academic perspectives/views. There is an explicit linking of the literature to the memo content. Opinions or arguments that are not substantiated by quality references are omitted. A clear and comprehensive written style is used, including correct spelling, grammar, and syntax. All references are listed using Harvard style referencing, provided both in-text and as a list of references Important Information / materials Video: Operating in Asia Look at what is different in operating outside an organisation's home country. How can human resources practices help a company do business in these different circumstances? To get a feel for some of the issues, watch this 10-minute video from Professor Michael Witt, which provides a review of the political, social, and economic differences for 13 countries in Asia. As you watch, reflect on how the problems mentioned by Professor Witt impact on the human resource functions of an organisation.

Subject Name: Human resource management

Level: Postgraduate

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