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Human resource management essay on Cross Culture Differences

Task: One year after completing this postgraduate study, you are employed asthe head of a Multinational Corporation (MNC) in your country of origin.Your company owns a leading brand competing with other global brandsin such items as premium quality shoes, bags, clothing and insurancepolicy for protection on valued goods such as gold and diamondornaments. The designs and management of the brand is operationalisedin Italy and France. However, production takes place in your country, thusrequiring employees from different countries to work together. The local office to which you have been appointed has a total number of100 employees. Understandably, 60% of the staff are citizens of yourhome country, while 40% are from ten different countries. Your task is thefollowing:Drawing on knowledge developed within this module, your ownexperience and wider reading, you are requested to compose an essay of3500 words in which you critically engage and address the followingaspects of the job:

Subject Name: Human resource management

Level: Postgraduate

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