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Penetration Testing Assignment: Grey-Box Testing Project Of Cyberq Group

Task: Penetration Testing Assignment Brief: Scenario: Assume that you are working as a consultant for an SME which is building its capability in penetration testing. You are part of a small team of three (3) consultants who are preparing to deliver a grey-box penetration testing project. Your client has asked your employer to conduct the penetration test against a server, as they fear they might have already been breached. To their best of their knowledge, the company assumes that the server offers only the following online services: http, b) ssh, and c) vnc. In this context, this assignment has two tasks: Task 1 is an individual task that will assess your understanding of the statutory and ethical issues surrounding penetration testing Task 2 is a group task that will assess your understanding of the pen test process itself.

Subject Name: Computer Science

Level: Undergraduate

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