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Plastics Assignment On Cleaning Up Our Act Policy

Task: This assignment has a focus on preparing your policy arguments using the evidence available to you. At any one time there are a number of draft government policy papers often termed discussion papers, that are available for public consultation. Choose ONE policy consultationas the focus for this assignment. Your task will be to prepare a response/submission to the draft policy/discussion paper. This is your chance to argue for improvements to the draft policy. Your response to the draft policy document should include: 1. An outline of the public health points relevant to the policy area that the policy needs to address, using evidence to support your claims. 2. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the draft policy (from a health in all policies perspective). Comment on key public health principles/outcomes, identifying relevant sections of the draft policy document that support/ do not support these. 3. State your recommended improvements/changes to the policy and justify why these are needed 4. Discuss the possible outcomes expected,following the changes that you advocate and give evidence that demonstrates why these are likely to be effective. 5. Conclude and identify2-3 key articles/reports that you recommend should be considered in future policy reviews and brieflyjustify their selection.

Subject Name: Biology

Level: Undergraduate

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