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Project Tendering Assignment On Designing An Office Space

Task: You should use AS 4120-1994 as the basis of developing a tender request as the principal for a project in the mining, plant and/or large asset industry. The project maybe one of your choosing based on your current work practice or may be one selected from a set of possible projects on the Moodle web site. You must ensure that your tender document is consistent with all of the Australian standards referred to in this course. Should you wish to use a tender template from the organization you work for then you may do so. However, you must ensure that all of the ten items in the task definition below are included in your tender. You must obtain the agreement from your lecturer and course coordinator that the subject project scope of your tender is suitable for this course. Your task is to consider the contents of the course and apply it to a tender request. Your tender must do the following: 1. Define the project in the context of mining, plant, or a large asset; 2. Explain the project justification and contract process; 3. Explain the financing of the project; 4. Identify the project conditions, project team and project processes required; 5. Provide your expected estimates to the tenderer for the project labor, plant, materials, and sub-contractors; 6. Provide your requirements for project changes; 7. Provide your requirements for quality assurance and quality control; 8. Provide your requirements for document management, reporting and governance; 9. Provide your requirements for disputes, arbitration and mediation; 10. Provide your requirements for safety. The primary purpose of this assessment item is to help you to develop skills for expressing the manner in which a principal normally engages with contractors through tendering process. The secondary purpose of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to enhance your analysis, critical thinking and written communication skills; particularly in the areas of argument development and tender writing Your tender should be as much as practically possible a properly constructed tender However, you must also apply the rigors of an academic essay. Therefore, you must include references within your tender and a reference list formatted in the prescribed Harvard style is compulsory at the end of your tender. Do not include a bibliography. You are strongly encouraged to discuss your ideas with your business and student colleagues on the course discussion forum, before drawing your conclusions and submitting your assignment.

Subject Name: Engineering

Level: Undergraduate

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