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System Science And Engineering Assignment Questions With Answers

5 (10 Marks) 400 a. Explain, using an example of your choosing, how TPMs constrain the evolving design process as we progress from conceptual design through to preliminary design and detailed design & development. Technical performance measures or TPMs are considered to be those tools that helps the system to satisfy all the requirements or achieve all the goals. It provides insight as to the parameters of the specific design elements of the system. TPM is utilized by project management for defining the measures of performance as well as some acceptable variables at the time of project implementation. It helps the organization in monitoring the significant aspects of its programs, systems, and care processes. Data are being collected for reflecting how the processes work and what information is utilized for driving the organization's decisions over time. b. Relationship between project management and systems engineering. Project management is mainly liable for all aspects regarding the project and it will include all usage of funds, their sources, schedule, delivery time, and people. Whereas, system engineering will be work as the project manager and it will be the reason for all technical aspects of that system. They will be including agreements of all requirements, allocation of the technical aspects, the process, resulting product, and all specification of materials which are incorporated with the solution, different verification methods, and all other supporting subsystems. Despite the development of project management , the majority of projects will depend on time, cost, and performance. There is an overlapping among system engineering and project management. Both are key documents that can be used for defining all methods and procedures which is highly needed for the project and it will help to deliver better services. Depend upon the organization and environment, it has shown that both system engineering and project management are intersecting partially and one is a subset of the other. This project management and system engineering encompassing managerial and technical leadership of the project which needs to enterprise system engineer and project manager working out on the specific details in this context. Bibliography Debbiche, F., Wrang, M. and Sinkala, K., 2019. Accelerating Software Delivery in the context of Requirements Analysis and Breakdown for DevOps: A multiple-case study. Dick, J., Hull, E. and Jackson, K., 2017. Requirements engineering. Springer. Jha, M.M., Vilardell, R.M.F. and Narayan, J., 2016, August. Scaling agile scrum software development: providing agility and quality to platform development by reducing time to market. In 2016 IEEE 11th international conference on global software engineering (ICGSE) (pp. 84-88). IEEE. MacEwan, S.R. and Chilkoti, A., 2017. From composition to cure: a systems engineering approach to anticancer drug carriers. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 56(24), pp.6712-6733. Petersen, L., Lundin, E., Sjöström, J., Lange, D. and Teixeira, R., 2018. Creating comparable public tolerance and technical performance measures for critical infrastructure resilience evaluation. In 28th International European Safety and Reliability Conference, ESREL 2018, 17 June 2018 through 21 June 2018 (pp. 1231-1240). Schuh, G., Gartzen, T., Soucy-Bouchard, S. and Basse, F., 2017. Enabling agility in product development through an adaptive engineering change management. Procedia CIRP, 63, pp.342-347. Zlokazov, D.V., 2020. Project Management vs Systems Engineering Approach to Project Risks Management. KnE Engineering, pp.208-212.

Subject Name: Engineering

Level: Diploma

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