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2-1 Journal: The Role of the Brain

Module Two provides an overview of nervous system anatomy. After reading the assigned chapters, you should have a basic understanding of the layout of the brain and the major functions of the different areas of the brain. You should also have an understanding of the role of genetics and experience in your behavior and the behavior of other species. This journal assignment will allow you to demonstrate your knowledge of these concepts.

Reflect on your activities throughout the day. This could be walking to work, completing a paper, or forgetting your own phone number. List five activities and identify the brain structure(s) involved in completing each of them.

Then, select one of the brain structures you identified and discuss the potential benefits of gaining a better understanding of its function through research. For example, how could an understanding of the frontal lobe's role in eating behavior help a doctor who is working to stop obesity? How could an understanding of the frontal lobe's role in planning help a teacher?

For additional details, please refer to the Module Two Journal Guidelines and Rubric document.

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