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2-2 Final Project Milestone One: Topic Proposal and Literature Review

For Milestone One, you will use the feedback you received from your instructor and peers in Module One to refine your initial topic into a topic proposal and begin conducting research on the topic.

By reviewing previous studies on your topic of interest, you will gain a historical perspective and learn more about the topic. You will also start to notice gaps in the research, and you will choose one to explore for your final project. Use the templates provided to complete this milestone.

Please use the Topic Proposal and Literature Review Worksheet to complete the assignment. To further assist you in the completion of this assignment there is a completed worksheet here.

Note: You will build on the information that you provide in this milestone as you develop your research investigation for submission in Module Seven. While the rubric for this milestone is similar to a portion of the Final Project Part I Rubric, you will be expected to apply feedback and what you have learned throughout the course to receive an exemplary grade on the final project.

To complete this assignment, review the Milestone One Guidelines Rubric document.

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