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3-2 Problem Set 3: Cumulative and Conditional Probability

Show your work while completing this problem set. Type your responses into Word (you can use the equation editor if you need to get fancy), or add space between the questions, print it out, write your answers, scan it, and upload it back. (Word is preferred, but handwritten, legible submissions are acceptable if you are encountering problems with Word.)

You should not need lots of materials to complete this problem set. If you get stuck, use the resources in the Module Three Reading and Resources folder. The module overview also provides a lengthy example that should serve as a guide for how to tackle the questions.

Take your time. Do not save this one for Sunday night. Think about it a little bit each day and put together solid responses. Conditional probability is not easy, but you only have to learn it once and then it is there whenever you need it.

If you have questions as you work through this problem set, go to the Problem Set 3 Discussion Topic to seek assistance from your peers and instructor.

For additional details, please refer to the Problem Set 3 Word Document document and the Basic Problem Set Rubric PDF document.

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