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30 Year Plan For Greater Adelaide: Enhancing The Accessibility Of A Geographic Region

Task: The 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide was introduced and gazette in 2010 by the Government of South Australia is the context for this assignment. The plan was revised and released in 2017. Topic of the assignment should be based on Movement and accessibility. It should include types of transport infrastructure, society’s transport choices, degree of accessibility and planning for the movement of people. Assignment can be in a form of essay with sub-headings. My professor has given an example of the structure of assignment as follows: What is accessibility and how does it relate to transport infrastructure? How transport network/infrastructure shape urban structure? What are the main transport strategies and policies of the 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide? In what ways housing strategies and transport strategies are linked to each other? In the plan, how different modes of transport are proposed to be integrated? What is the role of TODs with respect to transport? How does the 30-Year Plan propose to improve the share of public transport? How do the 30-Year Plan strategies compare with planning strategies for other capital cities in Australia, for example, Melbourne or Sydney?

Subject Name: Engineering

Level: Undergraduate

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