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4-2 Journal: Sensory Simulation

In this journal assignment, you will complete a simulation related to one of your senses and reflect on the results in relation to their implications for biopsychology research.

Complete the simulation on one of the following websites.

  • A Test of Auditory Awareness

  • In this short auditory attention experiment, you will be asked to pay attention to what one group is saying, and to try to not be distracted by what is being said by the other group.

  • The Blind Spot

  • On this website, you will examine your blind spot and see how the brain fills in missing information.

  • Illusions and Paradoxes: Seeing Is Believing?

  • On this website, you will view different visual illusions and see how the brain interprets different visual stimuli.

After you have completed the activity, provide a brief summary of what you did and your reaction to it. Reflect on the information produced by the simulation and address the following questions:

  • How can researchers use information from sensory systems research and simulations to solve real life problems?

  • How can you apply information from the sensory systems to your Final Project? Areas you might think about are how sensation and perception influence your research question or research study or you might examine how sensation and perception can influence the behavior you are studying.

For additional details, please refer to the Module Four Journal Guidelines Rubric document.

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