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4-2 Problem Set 4: Introductory Decision Trees

Using R, perform software management tasks and answer questions about decision trees for these questions.

You may submit your assignment as a Word document. You will find everything you need to complete these assignments on the virtual desktop. (Instructions for access are in the Syllabus and Module One Reading and Resources folder.)

This assignment will prepare you for modeling more complex decision trees in the next two modules. For the section on creating bottom-up decision trees, refer to Chapter 8, "What Is a Decision Tree?" of the Larose text.

If you have questions as you work through this problem set, go to the Problem Set 4 Discussion Topic to seek assistance from your peers and instructor.

For additional details, please refer to the Problem Set 4 and the Advanced Problem Set Assignment Guidelines and Rubric PDF documents. Data sets can be found in Start Here in the DAT 520 Data Sets folder.

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