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ACC 202 8-1 Discussion: The Job Search

When taking courses (or any other kind of professional development experience), it is important to think about how your new knowledge and skills can be applied to your career. Similarly, it is very important to consider what jobs this experience may help you get, and how to show off your newly acquired expertise. In this discussion, you will collaborate with peers to share observations, suggestions, and helpful tips related to job searching.

First, take some time to explore a few job postings for your ideal career. The following websites may be helpful to use:

As you explore, take note of key terms, requirements, preferences, and skills that are listed that relate to knowledge and skills covered in this course. Then, for your initial post briefly address the following questions:

  • What is your ideal career, and what about it interests you?

  • When exploring job postings related to your ideal career, what knowledge and skills were listed that directly relate to this course?

  • What key terms or experiences would you include in your resume, cover letter, or interview to showcase your relevant knowledge and skills related to the job posting?

  • Were there certain modules, topics, or skills from this course that you feel were especially relevant for your ideal career?

In responses to at least two peers, address the following:

  • What similarities and differences did you see in your findings?

  • What suggestions would you give your peers related to how to showcase their newfound knowledge and skills?

  • What tips for finding relevant job postings would you suggest?

  • What general observations did you notice when exploring job postings or reflecting on how the material in this course can be applied to your ideal career?

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric.

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