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Accounting Assignment: Business Report On Success Of Nidec Corporation

Task: Review Nidec’s success so far in the motor business based on the market characteristics and Nidec’s business model and provides a detailed accounting assignment including the following points: What are the characteristics of the motor business and its key success factors? How did Nidec establish its current position? How would the income statement of Sankyo Seiki change after the acquisition? Apply the management methods described in the case to make your own estimates in completing worksheet. Suggest which organizational capabilities should be needed to achieve these effects and evaluate the management control mechanisms Nidec tapped into. How should Nidec adapt, given the changing environment surrounding Nidec’s transformation from a “motor manufacture” to a “module provider”? What are the obstacles Nidec may face? What kinds of control system will be necessary?

Subject Name: Accounting

Level: Diploma

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