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Accounting Assignment: Depicting The Impact Of Xero On Spotty Ltd

Task: It is now January 2019, and Mr and Mrs Spot have been very busy growing the business of Spottie Ltd over the last year. The business now stocks 20 inventory lines, and employs three full-time staff. After using a manual accounting system in Excel for Spottie Ltd’s business, Mr and Mrs Spot have come to you for advice as they consider moving to a computerised accounting system. They believe that they have been spending too much time preparing the accounting records, and a friend recommended that they make the move to ‘Xero’ – an online accounting system. Undertake some research into cloud-based accounting systems, and the ‘Xero’ cloudbased accounting system. Required: Prepare a business report (for the directors of Spottie Ltd) on cloud-based accounting systems (explaining what they are and how they work), and the suitability of the Xero cloud-based accounting system to Spottie Ltd’s business. In your discussion, explain how a computerised system like Xero can help the business track and account for inventory. Also highlight three other useful features of Xero that will be beneficial to Mr and Mrs Spot as they seek to save time preparing their accounting records, and monitor and grow their business further.

Subject Name: Accounting

Level: Undergraduate

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