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Accounting Assignment: Managing Earnings Forecasts, Incentives, And Risk-Taking

Task: Students need to choose 1 topic from Topics 1 – 4 AND choose 1 topic from Topics 5 – 7: Topics 1 – 4: any time until noon Monday 13 August (Week 7) Topics 5 – 7: any time until noon Monday 10 September (Week 11) You are required to do two (2) things as an individual student for this Assignment: Choose & identify a relevant article for EACH of your two chosen Topics; Contribute a 500-word post to a Discussion Forum (DF) explaining the relevance of the article. Make sure you PAY ATTENTION to the details below about each of these two things! NOTE: there will also be a short recording made available in week 5 explaining this in the Assessment Details section and some good and poor examples are provided in the Assessment Details section. Topic 1 Theories of accounting Topic 2 Measurement in accounting Topic 3 Accounting policy choice Topic 4 Regulation of accounting Topic 5 Corporate governance Topic 6 CSR Topic 7 Critical Accounting theory

Subject Name: Accounting

Level: Undergraduate

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