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Accounting Theory Assignment: Corporate Social Responsibility

Task: In assessing Assignment 1, the marker will take into account your performance in the following areas: logical coherence of discussion (unintelligible discussion will receive no marks) Extent of insight provided (in the personal reflection and comments this will be personal insight; in comment regarding the article this will be insight into the way the article illustrates theories from the relevant topic … NOT summaries of the article or topic or definitions of the theories … you only have 500 words!) Structure/organisation of content (you only need two sections, or they can be integrated} conciseness and clarity level of understanding of course concepts extent of evidence presented in support of your opinion (using examples from the article to illustrate Topic theories … you do not need to refer to additional articles or references). Topic 1 Theories of accounting Topic 2 Measurement in accounting Topic 3 Accounting policy choice Topic 4 Regulation of accounting Topic 5 Corporate governance Topic 6 CSR

Subject Name: Accounting

Level: Undergraduate

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