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Aged Care Assignment: Case Analysis of Nicholas Connell

Task: Case Study: Aged Name: Nicholas Connell Age: 68 Nicholas Connell is a 68 year-old male living with his 65 year-old wife Lina Connell and pet dog in their own home. Nicholas was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. His symptoms include difficulty with walking, difficulty swallowing, loss of speech and reduction of motor skills, especially when holding cutlery. He is a high falls risk and aspiration risk. His wife Lina finds it difficult to manage his needs. Nicholas and Lina used to be very active, walking their pet dog daily, meeting up with friends at the local church and attending bingo at the RSL club weekly. His GP has referred him to the ACAT team to ensure his needs are supported in his home environment. Nicholas and the team outlined the following goals: improve mobility and motor skills with assistive technology and home modifications, walking his pet dog, increase socialisation/communication by reconnecting with his church group and bingo nights. Aged Care Assignment Instructions: You are required to read the above case study and prepare a report on an individual client addressing the following sections: INTRODUCTION Overview of what the report contains/addresses Include a rationale for the importance of the topic Assessment & Funding Mechanism Describe the relevant assessment and funding mechanism (who/how will they be assessed? What funding is available? Who provides it? What services might be appropriate? etc.) Succinctly apply this to your chosen case study Community Inclusion & Participation Briefly describe importance (and/or benefits) Apply to your case study – use specific examples. Ensure your examples are feasible, detailed and relevant to your selected client. Empowering & Promoting Independence Briefly describe importance (or benefits, or a definition). Apply to your case study – use specific examples. Ensure your examples are feasible, detailed and relevant to your selected client.Consideration of each of the following is also required. They can be in separate paragraphs or integrated in the above. Cultural Awareness & Diversity Briefly define concepts. Describe importance, key areas and characteristics Briefly apply to your chosen case study – how will you support your client in this area? Safe Work Practices Briefly define and describe importance. Apply to your case study – how will you ensure workplace safety in the specific examples you have described above?

Subject Name: Health Care

Level: Undergraduate

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