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Amount of duty payable on entering the products for home (local) consumption

Question 1

1 Identify the custom classification code for each listed product in Table 1.

2 Calculate amount of duty payable on entering the products for home (local) consumption.

3 Provide hard copy of foreign exchange rate used for calculations

4 Calculate the VoTI for each product for each country

5 Calculate the total cost of each product at the end of the customs clearance process. Please note: Freight costs are for sea transport from the country of origin to Melbourne Victoria Australia In calculating the costs, you will have to convert these to AUD. Cost of goods given as an equivalent FOB value for customs purposes

Question 2 Complete Import Declaration (N10) form for the product you have calculated as the chaperone in total cost. Quick guide to complete Import Declaration. There is no option in deferring GST, and you can make up information not provided, as long as it is consistent with provided information.

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