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Analysis of Employee Engagement within Organization

Task: The organisation has hired you as an external management consultant to help them analyse employee motivation and provide solutions to the following situation: During the COVID-19 pandemic many employees started working from home, many for the first time. However, working from home is not always easy, and employees may need additional support. During this transition, a medium sized accounting organisation completed a survey on employee satisfaction and found out that majority of the employees are not motivated to work as a result of a range of pressures and challenges they are facing. The key work-related reason for their lack of motivation includes poor management. Working from home can exacerbate this issue. What can be done to resolve this issue and improve employee motivation?Put yourself in a role of a consultant, and write a report outline on the following: • Introduction: Discuss relationship between employee engagement, employee needs and their behaviours. You are expected to draw your arguments from the academic literature on this topic. • Identify and discuss min two and max three organisational constraints employees in the scenario may encounter when working from home and how this may impact their self-efficacy, a personal resource that helps people deal with adversity. • Analyse and evaluate employee motivation in the scenario using one of the following theories of motivation: a) Vroom’s expectancy theory or b) Adam’s equity theory. Explain how the chosen theory is/(not) relevant to the scenario (strengths and limitations of a theory depend on the context where it is being applied). • Based on your analysis and additional assumptions made about the scenario, explain any three relevant extrinsic and/or intrinsic motivators of your choice that could motivate employees in the given scenario. • Conclude with explaining the implications of your findings for the employer.

Subject Name: Human resource management

Level: Postgraduate

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