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Annotated Bibliography: Database Management System

Task: The purpose of this assignment is to support Learning Outcome 5 for this topic Survey and evaluate a selection of emerging database technologies. You are required required to read some classic and up-to-date research papers (at least 6) on the one of the topics listed at the end of this document. Compose an annotated bibliography of research papers that relate to the issue so your annotated bibliography will help you (and others) to have a good resource to evaluate and think about the relevance and quality of material on the topic. Topic Data Integration, Metadata Management, and Interoperability Data integrity, accuracy, currency and quality Database archiving Database evolution Database migration Database Privacy and Security Databases for Distributed and Mobile Systems Non relational databases - Graph Databases Hybrid transactional analytic databases Real time databases and business intelligence Spatio-temporal databases

Subject Name: IT Management

Level: Undergraduate

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