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Application of ISO Standards on SQL Based Programs

Task: Topic: ISO/IEC 9075 standard: "Information technology - Database languages - SQL" 1. Identify and introduce an Australian or International Standard (with IT engineering applications). Topic: ISO/IEC 9075 standard: "Information technology - Database languages - SQL" (The report clearly identifies an AS or ISO and introduces the standard in relation to an engineering product or process) 2. Outline what Standards are and explain why they are in use. (The report introduction outlines what standards are and thoroughly explains why they are in use.) 3. Define the attributes of the chosen Standard and its broad applications. (The report defines all of the relevant attributes of the chosen standard AND in at least 3 examples shows how it is broadly applied in engineering initiatives.) 4. Describe how the Standard applies to a specific Engineering product, service or system (use an explicit example). (The report presents a comprehensive, perceptive description of how a specific product, service or system is informed by the relevant standard.) 5. Presentation of a formally structured report, including: a logical flow of the material presented (introduction, outline, applications) clear and coherent writing; appropriate use of section-headers and/or paragraphing. (The report is structured to present a logical flow of information; the writing is clear and coherent at all times; and section headers/paragraphs are effectively used to organize the document.) 6. At least 5 well-chosen academic references: demonstrating good background research; and appropriate in-text referencing AND adhere to the word limit (1000 words +/- 200). (The report includes 5+ academic references that follow the Harvard-referencing style, and the in-text citations are made purposefully. AND Adheres to the word limit.)

Subject Name: Information Technology

Level: Postgraduate

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