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Auditing Assignment Based On Oxley Act(2002) & Audit Fees Determination

Task: Auditing Assignment Task: Part 1: Demand of adequate Assurance: In 2002, the audit firm Arthur Andersen collapsed following charges brought against it in the United States relating to the failure of its client, Enron. Some other clients announced that they would be dismissing Arthur Andersen as their auditor even before it was clear that Arthur Andersen would not survive. Required: a. Explain demand from audit and assurance services under Sarbanes- Oxley Act (2002)? b. Explain auditors understanding of corporate governance revision, update and arguments after SOX Act (2002) Part 2: Audit Fees Determination and ASX CGC Principles All companies are required to disclose in their annual reports the amounts paid to their auditors for both the financial report audit and any other services performed for the company. Required: a. Obtain a copy of a recent annual report (2019) from ASX Top 100 listed companies list (most companies make their annual reports available on the company’s website) and find the disclosures explaining the amounts paid to auditors. How much was the auditor paid for the audit and non-assurance, or other, services? Explain your understanding about demand and supply theories of audit fees from this company? b. Explain your selected company’s (same selected company from question a) application of ASX CGC principles using Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations (4th Edition) was released on 27 February 2019?

Subject Name: Audit

Level: Undergraduate

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