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Auditing Assignment Examining Annual Report Of Woolworth’s

Task: For this auditing assignment, choose an ASX listed firm. You are responsible for auditing the intangible assets of the firm for the year ending June 2019. Your must address the following issues. 1. To demonstrate your understanding of the firm, provide a detailed description of how it conducts its operations. Specific attention should be paid to the firm’s accounting policies on the recognition, measurement and disclosure of its intangible assets. This must include a description of the firm’s products and services, business processes, competitive environment, strategies, management and governance. The information presented should be reflective of your in-depth understanding of how the firm operates, not merely a summary of information from the annual report. 2. List and explain three audit assertions that are most related to the intangible assets. Provide three examples of audit evidence you will examine to support each of the three audit assertions. You must use ASA 500 to substantiate your choices of audit evidence.

Subject Name: Audit

Level: Undergraduate

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