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Aviation Assignment: Sustainable Development Of Western Sydney International

Task: Aviation Assignment Task: The Construction of Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport is underway and on track to begin operations in 2026. Airports have increasing pressure in becoming more sustainable and environmentally friendly. The Climate Change and the Paris Climate Change Convention have driven the aviation industry to protect the environment. Propose measures that Sydney Western Airport could implement to ensure that it becomes one of the most sustainable and environmental-friendly airports in the world when it opens. Broad Structure: A) Introduce the chosen problem; discuss the short-term and long-term operational and financial implications of the selected problem. B) Propose potential practical solution(s) to address the chosen problem. C) Discuss any limitations of your proposed solutions (i.e., economic viability, execution and outcome). D) Conclude the report with a brief summary of your findings. Where possible, you are encouraged to support your arguments with infographics, images, charts, graphs, maps and/or tables to make your report clearer, more interesting and appealing.

Subject Name: Economics

Level: Undergraduate

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