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Blockchain Technology Assignment: Chain Management of AJD

Task: 1 Background You are the newly appointed Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for Airways Jet Design(AJD) based in London. You report directly to the Chief Information Officer (CIO). AJD designs,manufactures and supplies/leases jet engines for civilian aircraft to British, American, French,Malaysian and Chinese aircraft manufacturers. AJD directly manufactures or sources its ownparts and components for use in the jet engines. AJD is coming under increasing pressure toimpove the efficacy of the process by which to demonstrate the provenance of their parts andcomponents. The aerospace industry has one of the most complex supply chains in the world. There areserious concerns regarding the use of unapproved parts getting into this supply chain.Unapproved parts can take a variety of form which includes counterfeit parts, and the use of life-limited parts beyond their specified life-span. Unapproved parts have contributed to numerousaircraft incidents leading to an investigation into the use of unapproved parts in the US aviationindustry 1 . There is an overwhelming need to track, trace and authenticate (TTA) parts in the aircraftindustry. A number of regulations relating to back-to-birth traceability of aircraft parts apply tothe aircraft industry, these include the EC 2042/2003 (M.A.305 (e) and (h)) ContinuingAirworthiness Requirements which outlines the requirement to use authenticated parts, and theDefence Safety Authority 4000 series regulatory articles which state that the “[f]ailure tocorrectly identify, classify and trace the history of components could lead to unsuitable itemsbeing accepted by maintenance organizations, potentially compromising Airworthiness andincreasing risk to life. RA 4809 requires a Maintenance organization to only accept components ifthey have been correctly identified and classified” (RA4809). Blockchain technology provides promising solutions to the TTA problem and has been used inother industries to establish single sources of truth and make counterfeiting difficult. Themembers of the AJD board have heard that blockchain technology could provide considerablebenefits to the process of tracking, tracing and authenticating aircraft parts. The CIO has askedyou to provide a technical report outlining how this technology is being used in other industriesand how it can be used by AJD. The report must comprise of two parts. 1.1 Part A: Review (30%) Blockchain technology is used to establish a single source of truth in a number of industrialscenarios such as: agricultural food supplies, the coffee supply chain and generally across anumber of logistics industries. The technology is also used in the aircraft industry to streamlinethe management of airmiles, the management of the air cargo supply chain, and anti-spoofingGPS systems. By referring to a single scenario, summarise the critical features that enable blockchaintechnology to be used to establish a single source of truth and thus protect againstcounterfeiting in the supply chain of your chosen scenario. 1.2 Part B: Technical Report (70%) 1 Suspected ‘Unapproved Parts’ Program Plan (1995), FAA suspected ‘Unapproved Parts’Task Force, available from: Write a technical report which: 1. Describes the aircraft parts lifecycle for both new and recycled parts and identifies theparts of the lifecycle where industrial espionage and counterfeiting might pose a risk. 2. Evaluates how blockchain technology might support the process of, tracking, tracing andauthenticating aircraft engine parts 2 . 3. Despite what might appear to be speculative claims concerning the propensity forblockchain technology to become compromised and used in espionage 3 , the overallconsensus is that “blockchains distributed consensus mechanism prevents hacking” 4 ,and therefore the technology can present safeguards against espionage. Provide acritique of these opposing views. When writing this report, be mindful that: 4. The jet engines manufactured by AJD are supplied to companies in multiple internationaljurisdictions. 5. The report is intended for the consumption of the board members of AJD.

Subject Name: IT Management

Level: Postgraduate

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