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Brief literature review of what academic & professional literature says about current potential IFRS

Part A (1,000 words MAX, 20 marks)

Provide a brief literature review of what the academic and professional literature (the professional literature can include professional magazines and quality web sites) says about the current and potential usefulness of IFRS for sustainable reporting. Some useful articles are listed below that are available on the CQUni Library site (via Discover It!).

Part B (2,000 words MAX, 30 marks)

Building on your answer to Part A, and from the work you have done in your previous assessment item, report on the current or potential use of accounting standards in the country of your choice (from Assessment Item 1) to support sustainability reporting. If you have chosen a country that offers no information in this area, you are free to choose another country or the European Union. You may focus on specific standards that offer benefit, or focus on accounting standards generally, but your report must be backed by research. Your report can include articles from the academic literature, as well as commentary from

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