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Briefly describe the research problem you would like to explore

This research project proposal is intended to introduce you to the research process that underlies much of the work and theoretical discussions you have undertaken this semester. You will need to draw on skills learnt and on your thinking about the information provided in lectures and in the textbook, in the tutorials and through the academic journal articles you have read this semester. This task will be completed in a number of parts identified below (the word limit on each is a suggestion only): 1. Background (300 words) a. Identify an area of research that is both important and of interest to you. Explain why it is of importance and interest to you. b. Include historical, cultural, political, social or organisational information about the context of the research. 2. Motivation and justification (300 words) a. Present a brief argument to justify the need for and the potential usefulness for research in this area based on your prior knowledge and knowledge gained in your studies. 3. Research Aim (200 words) a. Briefly describe the research problem you would like to explore. b. Identify a title for your research. c. Identify an over-arching research question derived from your problem statement which this research project would aim to answer. d. Identify any supporting research questions that would assist your exploration of the research problem and the over-arching research question. 4. Literature Review (1100 words) a. Provide a literature review (at least five academic journal articles) to support your research question(s) that need to be analysed to address your research problem. b. Explain why each article is relevant to your research, and how the information will contribute to the proposed research investigation. Be critical in your analysis. {NOTE: this is NOT a summary of the articles but your arguments identifying relevance for your proposed study}. c. Drawing from the literature review, present a brief argument for the adoption of a theory or theories to guide and support your research. 5. Research design and method (300 words) a. What beliefs do you have about capturing knowledge (research methodology)? b. What appropriate research methods would you use (research method)? Survey, content analysis, interviews etc. c. Why are your research methods appropriate in relation to your research question/s? 6. Ethical considerations (100 words) a. Does your research require approval from the UTAS Ethics Committee? ( b. If so, what process would you need to follow? 7. Expectation on findings (200 words) a. Write a paragraph on what results you might expect. This is a prediction and related to your original motivations for the research.

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