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Business Accounting Assignment: Innovation In Accounting

naire Development. International Journal of Academic Research in Management., 6(1), pp.1-5. Tajeddini, K., 2016. Financial orientation, product innovation and firm performance—An empirical study in the Japanese SMEs. International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management, 13(03), p.1640005. Tobi, H. and Kampen, J.K., 2018. Research design: the methodology for interdisciplinary research framework. Quality & quantity, 52(3), pp.1209-1225. VORONKOVA, O.V., KUROCHKINA, A.A., FIROVA, I.P. and BIKEZINA, T.V., 2017. Implementation of an information management system for industrial enterprise resource planning. Business accounting assignment Revista ESPACIOS, 38(49). Wiek, A. and Lang, D.J., 2016. Transformational sustainability research methodology.In Sustainability science (pp. 31-41).Springer, Dordrecht. Appendix Ethics Approval Form Student Details Name : Student Number : Email : Subject (Code/Name) : Proposed Research Details: Topic : Innovation in accounting and its impact on business Summary of the proposed research project, including brief description of methodology The research will concentrate on evaluating the relevant literature which ably addresses the questions associated with the research. There will be an emphasis on the decision making processes as well as the costs require for the maintenance of software tools. The research will further collect relevant data for the research through surveys comprising of closed ended questions. Descriptive approach and quantitative analysis will be used for assessing the data. Ethics Checlist (Participants) How do you propose to select your participants? The participants will be selected through a process of simple random sampling. 45 participants will be selected from 5 different enterprises to obtain and derive conclusions for the topic of the research Will your research involve adults who might be identified by you or anyone else reading the research ? (Yes/No). If yes, how will you obtain their consent? -Yes The research will require the consent of adults. A form specifically stating the objectives of the research and the knowing consent of the adults will be collected with signature. The terms and conditions of privacy will be stated in the form. Does your research involve children under eighteen years old? ( Yes/No) - No - The research does not involve the participation of children under eighteen Ethics Checlist (Participants) Will your research take place in an institution? (Yes/No) - Yes Are in a position of power over participants? (Yes/No), if yes, describe any ethical implication and how you deal with them - NO Describe any risk or harm to participants which might be associated with your research and how would you propose to minimise these risks. Risks can come from employees stating their frank assessment of the tools and technologies in accounting. The identities will be kept secure for this purpose. Also the research objectives will be conveyed in the beginning to avoid conflicts at a later stage. Privacy and Confidentiality How will you protect the confidentiality and privacy of your participants? Files will be protected with resilient passwords. Hard copies consisting of the identities will be kept under lock and key with restricted access. Will it be possible to identify participants from published data? (Yes/No). -No Data Collection and Storage Who will have access to the data? Apart from the researcher the data can be accessed by the professor guiding the research. How will you store the data in order to ensure its security. For hard copies secure storage with local and key will be used. For soft copies files with password protection will be used. Unauthorised access will be prevented for all formats.

Subject Name: Accounting

Level: Undergraduate

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