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Business Development Solved

You are expected to produce a written (typed) essay with 1.5 line spaced, 12 point font and 2cm margin. The aim of this assessment is to help you develop an understanding of the social and ethical dimensions of business using your values framework. The Week 3 lecture will provide you more details on how best to successfully complete this assessment. Reflecting on your 'initial response' about your five most important personal core values, research the Johnson & Johnson (J&J) talcum powder cancer case (2016) provided in the pdf file. Before starting to write your essay, draft answers to the following questions in relation to the case study of J&J. Then reflect on your responses. Following this process should help you to develop a deeper understanding of the issues of the J&J case. a. What did J&J do? b. How did J&J do it? c. What differed from the expected? d. What are the individual, organisational and social consequences of J&J’s practice? e. How do you feel after reading the case? f. In which other occasions have you felt like this? Essay sections: Your reflective essay must have the following sections. 1. Description of Week 4 tutorial submission on your values (200 words) 2. Brief answers to questions from 2(a) to 2(f) above (400 words) 3. Your understanding of Utilitarianism (400 words) 4. Application of Utilitarianism to the J&J case study (400 words) 5. Using Utilitarianism and your values, explain what you would have done differently as the Chief Executive Officer of J&J (600 words) submission requirements: . In order to ensure that your essay meets with the expectations of originality, you MUST first submit your essay into the Turnitin software to check for your similarity score. 2. When marking, your tutor will take into account your similarity score and report generated by Turnitin. You must attach the full Turnitin report, not the submission receipt. Two (02) marks will be deducted for assessments submitted without the complete Turnitin report. 3. Although there is no ideal ‘score’, as a guideline, you should revise your essay until you reach a score of 2% or less for individual matches (not the overall score). Those assessments that have high similarity scores and other suspicious activity will be reported to the Faculty Investigation Committee. 4. A good quality reference list will result in an overall score of 20% - 30%. The score can be tested by using the “exclude bibliography” filter. 5. After excluding references (referred to as "bibliography" in Turnitin) from the overall score, it should drop down to 10% or below unless a lot of quotes have been used. 6. Limit direct quotes to no more than 10% of the overall score (again this can be checked using the “exclude quotes” filter).

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