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Business Ethics Assignment: Reflexive Review On Professional Behaviour

Task This business ethics assignment is a reflexive review of the behaviours associated with demonstrating value for people in an ethical and sustainable way. You will need to: Review the new CIPD profession behaviours which are international benchmark for the people profession to enable better decisions, act with confidence, perform at your peak, and drive change in your organisation and progress in your career. Consider the 8 core behaviours and self-assess to review your areas of strength as well as areas for development to be effective in managing and developing people. Identify 3 areas of strength and present evidence of this with examples of practice. Identify 3 areas for development and provide rationale for your choice. Write a critical reflexive review of how you will continue to build on the 3 strong core behaviours and develop the other 3 core behaviours identifies to build on and enhance your future management and development of people.

Subject Name: Business ethics

Level: Postgraduate

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