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Business Idea Report On Developing I-Search Application

Task: This is a group assignment that builds on the work completed in Assessment 2. The objective of Assessment 3 is to develop skills that enable you to evaluate which idea (from Assessment 2) has the highest chance of success, and to then prepare a pitch that presents a compelling business case to secure financial backing. This facilitates an appreciation of what potential investors will be evaluating before they commit to project investment. In summary, there are two parts to Assessment 3. The first requires the group to prepare a 1500-word business report that compares then selects which business idea to present from Assessment 2. The second involves everyone in the team pitching the idea to secure development capital. Each of these is detailed below: Idea Selection: The structure of 1500-word business report should be set out as follows: Idea Evaluation (Develop an evaluation framework to compare the ideas developed individually in Assessment 2) Idea Selection (Describe and justify how the best idea was selected) (

Subject Name: Information Technology

Level: Undergraduate

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