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Cinema Hall Application Case Study On Ticket Booking System

Task : You are to develop at least two different initial concept designs for the Cinema Hall Application. These designs will be wireframe only designs at this stage. You will prepare a presentation for the Cinema Hall Application to show your concepts and both your design concepts, the reasoning behind your design and the design concept that you recommend. The Cinema Hall Application case study is located in Interact Resources. You will need to read this case study before starting this assessment item. Your Task: Sketch two (2) alternative interface designs for the Cinema Hall Application tablet display. These designs should be for screens as described in the requirements. It is recommended that you use the Balsamiq Mockups wireframe tool for these concept designs. As part of your presentation, you should indicate your reasoning behind these concept designs and why these designs are a good solution for the Cinema Hall Application display. The presentation should recommend one of your designs for further development and state why this design is recommended. There are two goals in this assignment: The first is to exercise your user interface design abilities. Creativity in balancing usability with the constraints of the interface will be essential to successfully completing this assignment. The second is to start thinking about WHY you chose and used certain designs or design patterns. You need to be able to discuss why your design is a good solution to the problem. The design sketches for this assignment can be hand drawn. But, if you do use hand-drawn sketches, then you need to ensure that they can be easily read when they are scanned into your presentation. It is highly recommended that you use the Balsamiq Mockups tool for the final copies of your concept designs.

Subject Name: Information Technology

Level: Undergraduate

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