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Climate Change Assignment On Global Warming In Gurgaon

Task: Your task is to write a report on climate change assignment that examines the ways in which climate change is predicted to impact upon your home city. What you consider to be your home city should be the one closest to your heart – it is not necessary to be where you were born or have lived the longest. The basic changes that you must cover are changes in precipitation, sea level, humidity, wind and temperature. Your report must cover social impacts, and you have to integrate regional considerations including water supplies, food supplies and refugee movements. You should include the readily apparent adaptations or actions briefly that are taken likely to mitigate the impacts– but this is not the primary focus of the task. Climate change projections are typically discussed against a series of different reference years (e.g. 2030, 2050, 2100) because some regions will experience different impacts at different times (rather than just increasing severity of each) – so make sure your report considers this variability over at least two of the projected times. If your home city has already developed a climate change risk assessment or adaptation plan, your report should find a different angle to consider the issue from. It is not acceptable to take a single report as your only reference source. If you feel the amount of work already completed for your chosen city leaves you no room for originality, then you may wish to choose a different city that you’re familiar with. Your report should total 1500 words +\? 10% (excluding bibliography), but keep in mind the effectiveness of images, diagrams, and maps in communicating complex information. It must be succinctly written, i.e. it must communicate a large amount of information using the limited number of words you’re permitted. You MUST include at least 15 REFERENCES (RECENT) in the assignment with properly cited in the text. You must follow Harvard style format in text citations and bibliography

Subject Name: Economics

Level: Diploma

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