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Cloud Computing Assignment On Enhancement In Organizational Environment

Task: Submit Mind Map work plan for Ass. 1&2 1. Assignment Submission Milestone: Task 1 ONE member of your group should fill in the MILESTONE ONE SUBMISSION FORM (available on the BCO6653 VU Collaborate site) with the following information: The names of the members of your group The topics that each group member has selected (remember, you cannot pick the same topic you covered in the first assignment) The names and URLs (web addresses) of three businesses that you would like to approach for interviews and any contact person you have at the business. You should choose medium to large sized businesses to ensure that they have a large enough IT department. You are required to choose three businesses now in case one of them does not agree to be interviewed or is rejected by your lecturer. There will be a link on VU Collaborate for you to upload the form. 2. Assignment Submission Milestone: Task 2 Approach the Businesses Once you have received email approval from your lecturer, you may contact the IT manager of TWO of the businesses and ask their approval to conduct an interview. Upon agreeing to be interviewed, you should email them the Letter of Introduction. Before arranging an interview, you should ask the IT Manager concerned to return-email you with their agreement to be interviewed. The bottom part of the letter of introduction explains to IT Managers that they can refuse to answer any questions they are not comfortable with and that the identity of their business can remain confidential during student presentations of results. If one of the businesses refuses to be interviewed, you can approach the third business. If you are still having trouble, you should approach your lecturer personally WELL before the milestone is due. You should submit the agreements by IT Managers to be interviewed (printed emails) to your lecturer in class 3. Assignment Submission Milestone: Task 3 References Check In Session 8, during tutorial time, you are required to show your tutor a full list of references you are using for Assignment Two. This list should be printed out under the heading ‘References’ (as per the Assignment template). Your tutor will randomly select three references from the list. You should show them the printed or e-copy of the reference at that time. This means you will have to bring a printout or electronic copy of each of the references you intend to use in the assignment. 4. Assignment Submission Milestone: Task 4 + 5 Conduct the Interview (Well Before Session 9!) As you are conducting an email ‘interview’, ensure that all of the questions are included in ONE email to the IT Manager. There will be the IS Planning/Strategy questions plus one set of questions for each of the other topics. Do Not ask any questions that are not provided by your lecturer You should submit the actual email responses by IT Managers to your lecturer in Session 9 and upload them using the respective link on VU Collaborat You should now be ready to write up the ‘interview’ section of paper (don’t forget to relate your findings to literature analysis. Do not show the detailed word for word responses of IT Managers. Be prepared to ask for more information if the responses from IT managers have been too short. This is another reason for getting started on Assignment Two as soon as possible. Finally, complete your introduction, conclusion, references and abstract (literature analysis and interview sections should already be prepared).

Subject Name: IT Management

Level: Undergraduate

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